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4-H Community Club Program 

 For a quick guide with links to sources on 4-H website 

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  1. New 4-H member
  2. Returning 4-H member 
  3. New 4-H adult leader 
  4. Returning 4-H adult leader
  5. 4-H On-line enrollment 
  6. 4-H on-line payment process
  7. 4-H adult leader training 
    1. enrollment key "SantaCruz" 

Related image Community 4-H club list 

  1. Ag History 4-H club (Watsonville) 
  2. Aptos 4-H club 
  3. Corralitos 4-H club 
  4. Quail Creek 4-H club (SLV area) 
  5. Redwood Valley 4-H club (SLV area) 
  6. Soquel 4-H club

Related image Countywide projects list 

  1. countywide projects are open to all 4-H member to attend. See list of countywide projects from cooking, animals to Lego's. 
  2. We will be adding new project as they arise!

Related image 4-H County Council Information

  1. Standing Rules in Santa Cruz county 4-H program

Related image 4-H County Council Calendar 

Related image Events & Conferences

  1. County 4-H events
  2. State 4-H Conferences

Related image Council

  1. 4-H council Standing rules

Related image 4-H Calendar

Related image Incentives & Recognition

  1. Achievements & Recognitions Resources
  2. All Star & Emerald Star Application & requirements 
  3. Outstanding 4-Her Application
  4. Personal Development Medal Interview
  5. 4-H Project Proficiency
  6. 4-H Record Book Information & Forms
  7. 4-H Youth Scholarships

Related image State & county fairs information

  1. 4-H Spring Fair 

Related image 4-H Summer & Snow Camps

Related image 4-H Forms for club & county levels

  1. 4-H County Forms
    1. New Adult Leader Live Scan Locations
    2. New Adult Leader Live Scan Form 
    3. 4-H Committee Guidelines 
    4. 4-H County Committee Report Form 
    5. 4-H Fundraising Approval Form
    6. 4-H Council & Club Funds request & deposit form
    7. ADA Accommodations
    8. 4-H Enrollment program fee waiver form
    9. Incident report
  2. Club Officer Manuals & Club Resource Forms
    1. 4-H officer duties
    2. 4-H officer manual
    3. Usage agreement initiation form
    4. Usage agreement instructions
    5. 4-H enrollment program fee waiver form
    6. 4-H fundraising approval form
    7. 4-H club officer book judging forms
    8. 4-H Outreach Methods Form 
  3. Youth Paper Enrollment Forms
  4. Adult leader paper enrollment forms

Related image Temples of 4-H Certificates 

Related image 4-H Beginning of the year reports

  1. 4-H club program fee sheet
  2. Parent Participation form - club level 
  3. 4-H Countywide Committee Sign Up Sheet
  4. 4-H bank account information 
  5. 4-H Club Information Sheet for leaders & officers

Related image 4-H council youth & adult scholarship

Related image Resources 

Related image Archived 4-H Newsletter