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4-H Community Club Program

4-H Office Staff & Hours

Julie Katawicz, 4-H Program Representative

Monday & Tuesday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm  

Office 831-763-8015 oe mobile 831-205-3180



The UCCE Santa Cruz office including the 4-H office is closed until April 8th do to the COVID -19 virus.  We do NOT have any reported cases.  We are working remotely to protecting our staff and public. Please email your questions to our staff.  We will responded by email or phone. 

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  We Love 4-H is a group of devoted parents, 4-H  volunteers, local community leaders and 4-H alumni concerned about the current California 4-H Program budget deficit that impacts our local and state program.  Together we are working to come up with sustainable ideas and action plans to protect the 4-H program we love.

 Join our cause and stay informed.    WeLove4HCA@gmail.com

We invite your participation.  Image result for facebook logo     Image result for facebook logo

Special 4-H Projects

We have three inspiring 4-H project to your family can participate in remotely!  

pay forward "Message of Kindness"

        Youth and families create a message of kindness on a 8x11 piece of paper.  Take a photo of your creation. Email your message of kindness to jkatawicz@ucanr.edu.  I will forward your email to a 4-H leader family that is creating a slide show to be shared with hospital workers, patients and elderly homes to help brighten their day.  We would like to send the message that 4-Her's care about the good work staff are doing while brighten the day of elderly and sick patents.  This is an amazing way to show how important 4-Her are in our community.

60634295397--BACA658C-FF40-4798-9643-4410F7C8C5D2 "Kindness Rock" 

       We have an Emerald Star project with a "Kindness Rock".  Tired of staying in the house looking for some sunshine and fresh air.  We have just the project for you.  You will need a clean river rock, paint and idea.  Clean your river rock, let dry.  Then use your imagination and paint or draw a message on the rock.  After the shelter in place state order is lifted, deliver your rock to the 4-H office.  We have an amazing 4-H member that will place the rock in front of local business with their permission to brighten the day of people walking by the store.  This is a great way to send a positive message. 

Image result for 4-h face mask  clip art"Sewing Masks" 

       4-Her's to the rescue!  We have many talented sewers in our program.  Here is a project we can help with from home.

      Forbes, sent out a call for all people that can sew by making mask for 2020 Healthcare Worker PPE Shortage.  Here is the link for instruction on making and delivering the mask to health workers: Sew Masks

We also have set up a new tab for on-line 4-H project resources.  You can participate at home in these projects.  We also offer zoom for meeting to be held remote.