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New Adult Volunteers

4-H Adult Volunteers

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Our volunteers are a key part of the 4-H Youth Development Program.

By volunteering, you are helping to grow the skills of 4-H youth to be our future leaders.


Ways You Can Volunteer

Volunteering in 4-H is flexible and rewarding.  Share your expertise and experience with the youth and other volunteers to make things happen!

Provide administrative support for a 4-H club.
Provide administrative support for a 4-H club.
Share your expertise with 4-H youth.
Share your expertise with 4-H youth.
Help shape 4-H in California!
Help shape 4-H in California!
Spend a day or a few hours evaluating 4-H presentations and competitions.
Spend a day or a few hours evaluating 4-H presentations and competitions.
Support 4-H'ers as they plan and execute activities & events.
Support 4-H'ers as they plan and execute activities & events.

New 4-H Adult Leader

New Volunteers


All 4-H volunteers must apply and be appointed annually.

Process to become a new 4-H Adult Volunteer

1. Find a club

Click here to see a list of Santa Cruz County 4-H Clubs near you.  You can also contact Julie Katawicz at 831-763-8015 or jkatawicz@ucanr.edu in the Santa Cruz Extension office for help in finding clubs near you to start you on the process of becoming a volunteer.  

Contact the club leader to learn more about the volunteer opportunities available in the club.

2. Screening Process

All new 4-H volunteers must go through a screening process.  Our #1 priority in 4-H is the safety of our young people.  We do all we can to protect young people and keep them safe while they are in our care.  When you become a 4-H volunteer, you are part of the plan to keep our young people safe.

1. Complete the 4-H Volunteer Interest Survey in English or Spanish.
2. Create an adult volunteer profile on 4hOnline.*

Please make sure the Family email address in the system is correct and one you check regularly.  The email will be used for most communications and to confirm your volunteer application.

*For Spanish: the 4hOnline system is only in English.  You can fill in the paper enrollment packet in Spanish and turn it in to your club leader or county staff for them to enter it into 4hOnline for you.  Please keep a copy of the paper forms in your records.

3. Complete a California Department of Justice Live Scan background check.

An important part of providing a safe environment is to conduct background checks on our volunteers and staff.  Everyone that will be spending an extended time with our 4-H youth is screened.

  • Download the Request for Live Scan Service Applicant Submission Form and print 3 copies.
  • Take the forms with you to a Live Scan location and get fingerprinted.
  • Adult volunteers are responsible for paying any fees charged at the Live Scan location.
  • The Live Scan staff will keep one copy of the form, and you should keep one copy for your records.  Please mail (1430 Freedom Blvd, Ste E., Watsonville, CA 95076) or fax (831-763-8006) the remaining copy to the County 4-H Office for our records.

3. New Volunteer Training

1. Online Training

Extension  Leader Training Video 

Enrollment Key: call (831) 763-8015 or email 4-H office for this information. 

Email address: jkatawicz@ucanr.edu

All new 4-H volunteers are required to take the New Volunteer Training online courses in the eXtension system before they become approved as volunteers.  This interactive training series introduces you to the best practices in positive youth development that are used in 4-H.  The trainings are available in English.  Spanish training is coming soon!

After you complete and submit your 4hOnline profile you will receive an automated message with the eXtension login instructions.  The email will go to the Family email account you entered in 4hOnline.

If you used a paper enrollment form, you will have to check with your county 4-H Representative for the login instructions.

2. Face-to-Face Training

All new volunteers in Santa Cruz county are required to attend a face-to-face training. You may complete this step any time before June 30th of the current program year; this is the only step that does not need to be completed before you can work with 4-H youth.

This training focuses on how to work effectively with various age groups, how to plan meetings and events, and what resources are available at the County and State 4-H Offices.  It is very interactive and hands-on, with plenty of time for Q&A.

4. Pay 4-H enrollment fee to your club or on-line payment system.

2019-2020 - New youth member & New leader enrollment fee with cash/check discount schedule.   The enrollment fee will remain at early bird special only if the fee is paid within 30 days of registering on-line for 4-H!  If you choose to pay the registration fee after 30 day of registration the fee will be the same as returning members and/or leader for the date scale fee chart below. 

2019- 2020 Returning Adult Leader Enrollment Fee with cash/check discount schedule: 

  • Early Bird Special: July 1st - August 31st = $25
  • Regular: September 1st - November 30th = $30
  • Late Enrollment: December 1st to June 30th = $30

Please contact the club leader to find out when and how to get this payment to the club treasurer.

5. Approval

The County Director reviews and approves 4-H volunteer appointments after:

  • You are signed up in 4hOnline.
  • You have passed the screening process.
  • You have completed all of the online New Volunteer training required.

Once you are approved, the fun begins!  Thank you for joining our 4-H family!