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Climate Smart Agriculture

What is Climate Smart Agriculture?

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) addresses the risk that the agricultural industry faces due to changing climate conditions. It encompasses management practices that increase soil carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve on-farm efficiencies, and promote sustainable land practices. CSA promotes increasing agricultural productivity, building resiliency to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Hello! My name is Valerie Perez and I was hired by the Santa Cruz UC Cooperative Extension office as a Community Education Specialist (CES). My job as a CES is to provide technical assistance to farmers and growers who are interested in the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Climate Smart Agriculture grants.

Currently, there are three grant funding opportunities available for Climate Smart Agriculture practices, including:

For information about other CES members and these grants please visit our web page at: http://ciwr.ucanr.edu/Programs/ClimateSmartAg/

If you would like more information about these grants or need assistance with the application please contact me at (831) 763-8028 or valperez@ucanr.edu

Understanding Climate Smart Agriculture

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