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4-H Newsletter

The Green Sheets Newsletter provides current information for volunteers and families enrolled in the Santa Cruz County 4-H YDP. ***THIS NEWSLETTER IS ONLY FOR CURRENTLY ENROLLED 4-H MEMBERS***

Issue Articles Type Date Added
4-H Newsletter August 2020

Dear 4-H Families, 

We are embracing the new way of 4-H program!  

We hope you are enjoying your summer and participating in the 4-H program. 

We are looking for new ideas for projects to participate in during COVID-19. 

Enjoy the August Newsletter, 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep 

PDF 8/10/20
4-H Newsletter July 2020

Dear 4-H Families,

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

We just received permission with new requirements to host in person meetings with up to 8 youth and 2 adults.  Leaders must read and follow the requirements for in person meeting prior to hosting meeting.  

Tagging information for San Benito Fair July 16th. 

Read the newsletter for all the new articles and details on new requirements for 4-H program. 

Thank you, Julie Katawicz, 4-H Porgram Rep. 

PDF 7/11/20
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

Dear Rabbit 4-H families, 

We were unable to attach this to the 4-H newsletter do to the size of the article.  

Please see the attached information on the terrible rabbit disease wiping out colonies of rabbits.  If you have any additional questions, please contact your local Vet or 4-H office.  We will provide resource or expertise to assist you with your rabbit questions. 

Thank you, 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

PDF 6/3/20
4-H Newsletter June 2020

Dear 4-H Families, 

The 4-H June newsletter has many new updates on fairs, events and new articles!

We just received approval to hold small 4-H meetings.  We can only have a maximum of 8 youth and 2 adults until further notice.  

The UCCE Santa Cruz and 4-H office are still working remote.  We are here to help you with the 4-H program.  Please reach out via email at jkatawicz@ucanr.edu or (831) 205-3180. 

The end of the year officer books and record books are still due for the 4-H clubs and members.  

We miss you all! Take Care, Julie Katawicz, 4-H program rep

PDF 6/3/20
Santa Cruz Co. Fair Update - Time Sensitive

Dear 4-H Families, 

We are sending you a letter from Santa Cruz county fair regarding livestock exhibitors.  You will need to reply by APRIL 28th. 

Please read the attached letter from Santa Cruz county fair.  

Take Care, 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep.

PDF 4/23/20
4-H Newsletter April 2020

Dear 4-H Families, 

We hope all your families are healthy!

We are in times of change right now.  Our 4-H newsletter has information on 4-H event changes and many new resources for projects at home. 

We do not have a 4-H county council meeting this month due to shelter in place.  

The 4-H office staff is working remote to met our communities needs.  Please email or call 831-205-3180. 

Take Care, Julie 

4-H Program Rep

PDF 4/17/20
Community Service Project at Home

Dear 4-H Community, 

I hope this email finds you all in good health.  We have an amazing opportunity for our 4-H community to participate at home.  We have a long time 4-H leader organized a Sew a Mask project for a local hospital.  We are so proud of our 4-H community for giving back to the community in a time of need. Please see the attached newsletter for more details on this project.

We have also added many new on-line resources to our 4-H website. 

Thank you in advance for your families participation in this project. 

Take Care and be safe, 

Julie Katawicz, 4-H Program Rep


PDF 3/30/20
Livestock Members & Leaders

Hello 4-H livestock families, 

We have an opportunity to participate in online showrite classroom are this week for all species. 

Go to Showrite facebook page.  See attached for more information.  

What a great way to learn, 

Julie Katawicz, 4-H program rep.

JPG 3/23/20
4-H State office Message

Hello 4-H Families, 

We are sending you a message from Lynn Schmitt- McQuitty, 4-H State Director.  Please read attached letter. 


Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep

PDF 3/19/20
4-H Newsletter March 2020

Hello 4-H Families, 

We hope this newsletter finds all the families in good health.  We have many updated on the 4-H program. 

We also have a home based project the youth can participate in at home but still make a difference in our community.  "Message of Kindness"  See the article in the newsletter for more details. 

If you need to contact the 4-H office, please email jkatawicz@ucanr.edu or call my work cell at (831) 205-3180. 

Take Care, 

Julie Katawicz, 4-H program rep




PDF 3/19/20
4-H January Newsletter

Dear 4-H Families, 

We are sending you some 4-H updates. 

We extended the registration for CWF Inauguration registration opportunity.  See newsletter for more details.

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

PDF 1/31/20
4-H December Newsletter

4-H Families, 

Happy Holidays, 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

PDF 12/22/19
4-H Updates

Happy Holidays 4-H Families,

We have two exciting event events this week.

Anyone looking for a last-minute tax donation, well we have the answer for you!

Giving Tuesday is December 3rd  

Match for 4-H Donate on Giving Tuesday.

We use the funds to sponsor leadership conferences, college scholarship as well as support to host community events lead by 4-H youth and advisor's.

We love 4-H leadership Is asking for our 4-H support on December 8thin Monterey.  We are asking for a large 4-H present at the Statewide Farm Bureau Meeting.  All 4-H member show up in your 4-H whites’ uniform.

The 4-H member are being asked to help greet guest, serve dinner and other duties. 

Please met with Dena or Lorin, they will give you direction:

Dena Jenkinson, Monterey County Leader’s Council President,  831-578-7005

Lorin Hofmann-Lurz, Monterey County Staff,  831-320-4223

Please see the amazing letter from Farm Bureau supporting 4-H program to our state governor & DETAILS ON THE EVENT FOR DECEMBER 8TH

County Website: http://cesantacruz.ucanr.edu/4-H_Program/.  

Sincerely, Julie Katawicz 4-H Program Rep

PDF 12/2/19
4-H Council Agenda

Good Evening,

We have a 4-H Council Meeting is Thursday, November 21st at 6:45 pm, Aptos Grange.  

Please attached is the agenda and minutes from August meeting.  We hope to see you at the meeting. 

Happy Thanksgiving, 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep. 

PDF 11/20/19
4-H Newsletter - November 2019

Dear 4-H families, 

We have many new exciting events and fund raising opportunities coming up!

We are looking to increase our 4-H membership, so invite a friend to check out 4-H.  We have the Bay Coast Youth Summit Conference, Disney Educational Event, 5K Walk a Thon coming up. These are fun actives for all ages in our 4-H program.  See the newsletter for more details. 

Happy Thanksgiving, 

Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep


PDF 11/6/19
4-H Newsletter August 2019

Dear 4-H Families, 

We have many new articles in this issue of 4-H Newsletter.  Do not miss the registration for fair entries for the up coming fairs.  

Livestock member read the new rules about YQCA training and Youth Department entries requirements to show livestock at all the local fairs. 

Do not forget to register for 4-H prior to fair.  We have a new credit card on-line payment option.  


Julie Katawicz 

PDF 8/13/19
4-H Updates on Enrollment & Funding

Dear 4-H Families, 

We have very important news regarding funding issues and 4-H enrollment increases for the 2019- 2020 program year. 

See the article regarding the changes to our 4-H program.  We would like to thank the 4-H families in advance for their support and efforts to keep our 4-H program in Santa Cruz County.  


Julie Katawicz

4-H program rep

PDF 6/28/19
Julia Fuller Memorial

Dear 4-H Families, 

It is with great sadness, we are passing on the news of Julia Fuller passing away.  She is a young lady and member of Corralitos 4-H.  Many 4-H families will remember the joy Julia Fuller brought to our 4-H program and lives. 

We are sending you the newspaper article with the service for the celebration of life for Julia Fuller tonight and Saturday.  We look forward to see many 4-H members and families supporting the Fuller family in this time. 

Our condolences goes out to Matthew, Shawna, Patrick and Rebecca Fuller.  

PDF 6/4/19
4-H Updates

Dear 4-H Families, 

Here is the revised newsletter.  We have many deadlines and articles. 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

PDF 5/30/19
4-H Newsletter - April

Dear 4-H Families, 

We have many opportunities for 4-H members to participate in this weekend and May. 

We have expended the deadline to sign up for Disneyland to April 24th.  We have some families request an extension.  We can not go pass this date.  This will be the final sign up for this physics project.  We have to have the final payment to Disneyland by the end of the week. 

We have several other events that 4-H members can participate in this weekend.  See the newsletter for detail.  We look forward to seeing you at these events.  Remember to wear your 4-H club shirt at events.  

Enjoy the newsletter,

Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep. 

PDF 4/23/19
Incorrect email list

Dear 4-H Families,

You all recently received an email from me that was intended for San Benito County. Please accept my apologies and disregard this email. My 4-H On-line filter grabbed all the families in the tri-county area by mistake.

As you are aware, each County will be getting this information via email specific to their County.

Again, my apologies.


Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty

Assistant Vice Provost: University of California Cooperative Extension

Director of Cooperative Extension: San Benito County

Science Literacy Youth Development Advisor: San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties

UCCE San Benito County

3228 Southside Road

Hollister, CA 95023

831-637-5346 x 12


831-637-7111 (fax)

DOC 4/4/19
4-H March Newsletter

Clover Hello 4-H Families, 

We are sending you the 4-H March Newsletter.  We have three different projects this weekend the Cloverbuds, Lego's and gardening projects.  We are inviting all 4-H members to attend.  See the newsletter for details. 

We also have the Tractor Supply Paper Clover drive coming up and Joann Fabrics Clover drive.  These companies provide a source of fund raising for our county.  We hope you will participate in these fund raising drives. 

We also have three new projects from Horse, Gardening and STEM.  

We are excited to offer new projects to our 4-H members.  We are asking families to take advantage of these countywide project by bringing your children to the projects.  Leaders spend a lot of time planning and preparing for these projects. It is nice to offer these projects to the 4-H members.

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep


PDF 3/8/19
4-H Newsletter 2/14/19

Dear 4-H Families, 

Happy Valentines Day! 

We have a challenge for all the 4-H members in our program to help grow our 4-H program by 25%.  Bring a friend to a 4-H event or 4-H club meeting to share your 4-H experience.  Let shout from the roof top about how great 4-H is for the youth in our community!!!

We have exciting events coming up in the next few months to bring a friend and introduce them to 4-H: 

  • Safety Awareness for All Ages on March 2nd
  • Clover Bud project for primary members (5 to 11 yrs old), March 9th & April 7th  
  • County Presentation Day on March 16th
  • Welcome to 4-H & Movie Night on March 29th 
  • Disneyland Physics Project, deadline April 4 - Event May 25th - 27th

You will find many more exciting articles in the 4-H newsletter.  We look forward to seeing you at these events.  


Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep. 

PDF 2/14/19
4-H Newsletter 1/17/19

Hello 4-H Families, 

We have an exciting new Lego project open to all members in our 4-H program.  

  1. Lego Countywide Project

We have new parent and club leader that have teamed up to offer an amazing new 4-H project.  We are so excited to offer a new 4-H Lego Project for all ages.  If you are interested please email aptos4h

  • Lego Project Dates:
  • January 20th
  • Time: 1-3 pm
  • Location: 76 Cutter Cove, Watsonville
  • February 10th
  • Time: 1-3 pm
  • Location: 4-H office, 1430 Freedom Blvd, Ste E, Watsonville
  • March 10th
  • Time: 1-3 pm
  • Location: 4-H office, 1430 Freedom Blvd, Ste E, Watsonville

Come join the fun!  


Julie Katawicz

PDF 1/17/19
4-H Updates 12/20/18

Dear 4-H Families,  

May you and your family have a safe, fun and joyful holiday!

We are sending you a few reminders from the 4-H office: 

  • All 4-H members enrollment is due
  • Adult Volunteer Leaders
    • If you have not completed your adult volunteer leaders training, please complete it soon.  
    • New volunteer leaders will also need to complete the live scan. 
    • Returning volunteer leader only need to complete the adult volunteer training yearly. 
  • You are welcome to come into the 4-H office to complete your adult volunteer leader training on January 7th or after. 
  • I have attached a step by step adult volunteer leaders training instruction to help with the frustration some leaders are experiencing. 
  • 4-H office will be closed for the Holiday break from December 24th to January 7th.  
  • I will be checking my email every few days to help answer question about 4-H enrollment and volunteer leader training. 
  • 4-H Snow Camp Feb 16th - 19th 
  • If you need to reach me contact your community club leader, they have my personal cell phone number.  They will reach me to call you back regarding your matter during the Holiday break. 

       Related image

Happy Holidays &

PDF 12/20/18
4-H Newsletter 12-10-18

Hello 4-H families, 

We have two very exciting events coming up in January and February. 

The registration has been extended to January 2nd for Bay/Coast Conference.  

Some Changes for members 14 to 19 yrs old:

Age: 11-13 year olds can register as participants; 14-19 year olds can register as facilitators. Facilitators are older youth who attend the full Summit alongside younger participants and have a hands-on leadership role there. The facilitator role is similar to being staff or a cabin head.

More details and registration: http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/Summits/

4-H Snow Camp has been confirmed for February 16th to 19th.  We apologize for the delay.  We were waiting for conformation from Nevada 4-H Camp.  The snow camp will be in South Lake Tahoe with heated cabins and snow.  We provide lodging, meals and evening actives for $160 per person.  You are welcome to join other families during the day for fun in the snow.  You come back to the main hall for a hot meal and fun actives with the other 4-H families.  We do have 4-H snow camp scholarships available.   

For more information and registration: http://cesantacruz.ucanr.edu/Youth_Development/Events/

Both of these events would make a wonderful holiday present for a 4-H member.  Snow camp is an amazing family vacation without breaking your pocket book! 

Enjoy the newsletter.

Happy Holidays, 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

PDF 12/10/18
4-H Council Agenda 10-18-18

Hello 4-H Families,

We have a county council meeting on Thursday night, 6:45 pm at the Aptos Grange.  

Please see the attached agenda for the council meeting. 

Come join the fun!

Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep. 



PDF 10/17/18
150th Felton town Birthday & Sewing Project

Hello 4-H Families, 


We would like to thank all the families for their hard work at Santa Cruz Fair.  We had an amazing fair! Congratulation to all the youth on their accomplishments at fair.  We are proud of all of you!

We have a teen leadership meeting at 7pm tonight.  Come join us at Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Ave, Santa Cruz. 

We have some additional announcements that came into the office this week.  We have an event that is looking for some help from 4-H families.  The Felton 150th Town Celebration is on Saturday.  We have an opportunity to host an information booth at this event.  We have not found a 4-H family to host a booth yet.  We have many members that are participating in the flag ceremony at this event and participating in the San Benito Fair. If you are interested in hosting an information booth at this event on Saturday contact Kristin at 4h@praly.com

We have two leaders that will be hosting a sewing class at Aptos Grange on October 20th.  See attached flier for details. 

 Don't forget to save the date November 3rd Fall Festival and Awards Night at Santa Cruz Elks Lodge. 

Take Care, 

Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep

PDF 10/4/18
4-H Newsletter 10-2-18

Dear 4-H Families.

We have breaking new from Monterey county fair.  Our 4-H member will not be eligible to show beef cattle at the Monterey county fair in 2019 going forward.  See attached letter from Monterey county fair exhibits office at the bottom of the newsletter. 

It is that time of year when 4-H members are thinking about purchasing a steer for fair season.  At this time you are still eligible to show beef cattle at Santa Cruz and San Benito county fair. 

See you at the Fall Festival and Awards night on November 3rd!


Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

PDF 10/2/18
4-H Updates

Hello 4-H Families, 

Congratulation to all the 4-H members on their accomplishments and winnings at the Monterey County Fair.  It was a nice to see all the 4-H member working together on show days at the fair.  

We are now gearing up for the Santa Cruz County fair next week.  Good Luck to all the 4-H members showing at the fair.  

Just a quick reminder to enter the San Benito County fair by tonight, Thursday September 6th at midnight online. 

Here is the link: http://entryoffice.sanbenitocountyfair.com/.  Remember to enter by Thursday, September 6th!!

  1. Horse Show Practice
  • Attention all 4-H Horse Show Exhibitors
  • We have some amazing 4-H trainers and leaders that are hosting a practice horse show on Saturday, September 8th from 9 am to 11 am at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. The event will be held in the back area where the horse show is held for 4-H.
  • Please let me know if you'll be coming and if you need assistance with transporting your horse.  Francy Maciel at 831-818-4731
  • Santa Cruz County Fair start next week
  • We have a flower arranging class on Saturday in front of the youth department at the fair. Youth can bring a container to make a flower arrangement and enter it in the youth department. Email Diane Sampson for more details at 4haptos@gmail.com
  • 4-H Club remember to complete your feature booth on Saturday.
  • We will be judging the feature booths on Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm.
  • Food Safety Training on Sunday at 1:30 pm, Clover Deli 

Also just a reminder, fair time can be a blast and stressful fo

PDF 9/6/18
4-H Newsletter- July 30, 2018

Hello 4-H Families, 

We have had some scheduling issues with locations for the 4-H officer training.  We have finally found a new location and time that works for everyone of the Teen Leadership Trainer and place of business for the workshop.  

4-H Officer Training will be held on August 14th at 7 pm, Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz!!

See the newsletter for more details.  See you at the 4-H Officer Training!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep. 

PDF 7/30/18
4-H Updates for July

Hello 4-H Families, 

We have worked on updating the 4-H website enrollment tab.  You will find it easier to register for the 2018-19 4-H year.  You will click on "Join 4-H Today" then scroll down to the picture click on the picture you are interested in register.  You will be provide all the links and instruction to register for new 4-H year!

The adult leader training has been redesigned by the 4-H state office.  I found the new returning leaders videos to be easier and better quality.  The training is only 30 minutes ALL LEADER have to complete the online training. 

We have also attached the proposed 2018-19 4-H calendar under the calendar tab on the 4-H website.  

We have also included important information in this months newsletter about the fairs for livestock exhibitors. 

Enjoy your summer!

Julie Katawicz

4-H program rep 

PDF 7/10/18
4-H Updates for June

Hello 4-H Families, 

A few quick updates for June coming your way!

  1. Leaders Workshop - June 16th (Saturday) - Flier attached with more details 
  2. 4-H Council Meeting on June 21st, 6:45 pm at Aptos Grange - Voting on 2018-19 council budget and calendar
  3. 4-H enrollment will open on July 1st - Leaders will be required to complete returning leader training or new leader training.  The training videos have been revised for 2018-19!  Call the office with any questions.  4-H on-line is now closed
  4. New 4-H enrollment fees are $54 for youth and $18 for leaders for 2018-19
  5. Santa Cruz County Fair Management is requiring that our livestock exhibitors attend a training session EVERY year.  Other fairs may have different requirements.  We will not accept the online YQCA training as a substitute for the in-person training that will be provided at the fairgrounds.  More information about specific times and locations for the sessions will be posted to the fair's website as soon as it is available.
    Livestock Exhibitors Fair Required Training Options: 
    July 14 - Monterey County Fairgrounds, 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Seaside Room
    August 18 - Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, tba
    August 25 - San Benito County Fairgrounds, tba
    Julie Katawicz
    4-H Program Rep. 
DOCX 6/11/18
4-H Newsletter 5-1-18

Dear 4-H Families,

We have Spring Fair coming up on May 12th!  This one of the biggest events of the year for our 4-H program.  

Please see all the detail about this event in the newsletter.  We three new events this year to the 4-H program!

  • June 16th Leader & Senior member workshop - sharpen your leader skills
  • June 16th Interview Day contest - reformed no longer project proficiency. Interviews to prepare the 4-H members to interview for jobs and colleges. 
  • 4-H officer training workshop in early August.  This workshop will help 4-H members prepare and gain skills for the 4 main 4-H club officer position lead by the 4-H teen leadership team!

We hope you enjoy all the amazing articles in this months 4-H newsletter!


Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep


PDF 5/1/18
4-H Updates for April

Hello 4-H Families,

We have many important events, deadlines and contest coming up.  

We have extended the All Star Applications to May 31st.  We will not except any All Star application after this date.  

We also have Spring Fair coming up May 12th.  We will need all hands on deck to make this event a success for 4-H and the community.  See the attached details and registration. 

Thank you, 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

DOCX 4/24/18
4-H Newsletter 3/21/18

Dear 4-H Families: 

Help Needed this weekend!

  • Aptos Village Park Easter Event, Sunday, March 25th 11:30 am to 4 pm at 100 Aptos Creek Road, Aptos – We need animals for this event. Can you bring a bunny, chicken, baby goat and/or lamb to share with the community?  You will have to provide your own pen and container for water.  You might want to bring a pop up for the animals.  If you do not have an animal bring some baked Easter sugar cookies for the kids to decorate.  We will have a cook decorating station along with animals. Email 4haptos@gmail.com if you can attend and bring an animal and/or cookie. 
  • You will earn community service points in your record book towards earning your 4-H star! This is a great outreach opportunity for your 4-H Club!

Enjoy the attached 4-H Newsletter, 

Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep

PDF 3/21/18
Council Meeting Agenda & Minutes

 Hello 4-H Families,


We have a 4-H county council meeting tonight at 6:45 pm, Aptos Grange, 2555 Mar Vista Dr, Aptos. 

We are sending you the agenda and minutes from the January meeting.  We hope to see you at the meeting tonight.  


Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep. 

PDF 3/15/18
4-H Newsletter 2/26/18

Hello 4-H Families, 

We have two very important deadlines coming up this week!

The 4-H presentation day registration will be closing on February 28th at midnight!

All 4-H adult leaders are required to complete the on-line leader training by February 28th! 

Any 4-H leader that has not completed the leader on-line training and/or live scan will not be covered by 4-H insurance, participate in 4-H overnight events as a chaperon and will not be eligible to lead a 4-H project! Your 4-H enrollment record will be placed on inactive status from pending, if you have not completed the leaders training and/ or live scan.  All new leader will also need to have completed the live scan process. 

Our 4-H program provides an educational hands on experience lead by adult 4-H volunteers.  The 4-H members are counting on you to provide a minimum of 6 hours for a 4-H project to eligible to participate at fair under 4-H with their projects.  Thank you for doing your part by completing the 4-H state requirements for all adult 4-H leader.  The kids and I thank you for all the time you dedicate to our 4-H program. 


Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep 

PDF 2/26/18
Jr. Livestock

Hi all,


You are invited to an informational meeting of the Junior Livestock Committee on Tuesday, February 6, at 6:00 p.m. in the Livestock Office at Santa Cruz Fairgrounds.   Current members of the committee and those interested in joining are urged to attend.


The Junior Livestock Committee is open to youth ages 13 and up.  The members of the committee work hand-in-hand with the Livestock Committee, preparing for and hosting our fair in September.   The committee has new adult leadership this year. 


Pizza and soft drinks will be provided.  If you will be attending the meeting,  please rsvp to

Kevin Hurley at  kmhurley01@charter.net.


DOCX 2/2/18
4-H Presentation Day Updates

Hello 4-H Members,  

We would like to extend an invitation to participate in 4-H County Presentation Day 

to all 4-H members.  

You will earn points in your record book for public speaking while gaining confidence!

All the 4-H members that receive a gold on their presentation will earn a medal for their 4-H hat!

 Attached is a flier with more information.

Come join the fun! 

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep.  


PDF 2/1/18
4-H Fashion Revue

Hello 4-H Families,


Fashion Revue project update: 

Our first meeting will be Sunday March 4th.  We will meet at the Starbucks in Watsonville by Straw Hat Pizza (Safeway Shopping Center) at 3:00 pm. 

All girls and boys age nine and over are welcome! 

I'll be introducing the themes for this year and setting the rest of the dates at that time. 

May 11th is the Judging for Fashion Revue and May 12th is the Fashion Show!

For more details email Kat Ray at sun_kat@hotmail.com

PDF 1/31/18
4-H Newsletter 1/31/18

Hello 4-H Families,

We have started the new year with a bang!  We have a full month of actives for February and March filled with 4-H projects and events.  

Check out the January Newsletter for details!


Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

PDF 1/31/18
January 12, 2018


Hello 4-H Leaders and Volunteers, 

We are having a adult leader training for the new and returning leader to complete the required adult leader training on

Sunday, February 11th

12 pm for New Leaders 

1 pm for Returning Leaders


1430 Freedom Blvd, Watonville

Come Join the Fun!

All volunteers and adult leaders enrolled in 4-H must complete the on-line or group leader training by February 28th.  

You may complete the adult leader training 3 different ways.  

  • Group training on Saturday at the 4-H office starting at 10 am.
  • Online at your convenience at https://campus.extension.org.
  • Webinar provided by state 4-H office - offered many different times

A leader or volunteer only needs to complete the training once! 

See attached newsletter for more details!

The adult leader training for February 5th is CANCELED.  I will be out of state on 4-H business!

Thank you for your support and working with the youth

DOCX 1/12/18
4-H Updates

Dear 4-H Families,

We are sending you some updates with new information on snow camp and leader training.

4-H office will be closed for holiday and vacation from December 22nd to January 8th.   

We wish your family a Safe, happy Holidays and New Year!

Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

PDF 12/21/17
4-H Newsletter 12/13/17

Dear 4-H Families,

We have two deadlines line coming up on December 31st.

  • Youth Summit registration
  • Snow Camp registration   

We are asking leaders to take the time to complete the leaders on-line training by February 28th.  We have listed the information in the newsletter article. 

We are offering group leader training from the 4-H office on February 5th, 6 pm and 11th, 10am. You may also take the leader training on-line. 

Happy Holidays, 

Julie Katawicz 

4-H Program Rep.

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Important 4-H dates in May 2017

Hello 4-H Families,

We have any exciting events and deadlines in May for 4-H. 

Spring Fair is Saturday, May 13th set up starts at 9 am.  

Open to public 11 am to 3 pm. 

Located at: Santa Cruz County Fair


Rabbit Show

Poultry Show

4-H Project contest

Baking Contest

Bring an animal for petting zoo with your own pen for display

Just come and help in one of the 4-H booths.  Many hands make light work and less stress for the 4-H crews!


All of these registration and surveys are due on MAY 31st:

  • Summer Camp registration: http://cesantacruz.ucanr.edu/Youth_Development/Camps_-_Conferences/
  • Outstanding Junior Award registration: https://ucanr.edu/survey/survey.cfm?surveynumber=17898. 
  • SLC scholarship are due - attached is application
  • Members and Chaperones will need to register with the state office for SLC conference: http://4h.ucanr.edu/News/?calitem=368587&g=86992. 


Julie Katawicz

4-H Program Rep

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4-H Newsletter 8/29/16 PDF 9/7/16
4-H Newsletter 5/23/16 PDF 6/1/16
March 23, 2016 4-H Newsletter PDF 3/28/16
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Snow Camp 2016

4-H Snow Camp 2016

There is a registration and information meeting on December 8, 2015,
7pm at the Aptos Grange.


Join 4-H'ers from all over Santa Cruz County on February 26, 27, 28, at Snow Camp. Snow Camp is a semi-structured, family-oriented winter camp. Spend the weekend at Camp Sylvester in Pinecrest, just three miles from Dodge Ridge. Have breakfast and pack a lunch in the heated mess hall at camp before you take advantage of daytime activities on your own: ski and snowboard at Dodge Ridge; ice skate at Long Barn, sled at nearby hills or build the perfect snowman or sled run across the street from camp, play board games, cards, crafts or ping pong in the mess hall. Come back to camp for hot cocoa, dinner and evening activities. Enjoy the heated cabins and hot showers, too! Camp chores will include kitchen help, restroom, cabin and common area cleanup. Chores will be assigned by random drawing upon arrival at camp.

All 4-H members must be accompanied by a parent or other adult. All adults MUST have attended 4-H Leader Orientation, be properly enrolled in the 4-H Program and have been fingerprinted at least 1 month prior to attending Snow Camp.

Cost of Snow Camp is $150 per person, siblings under 5 are free, but not covered by 4-H insurance. Deadline for registration is Wednesday, December 10, 2015. There is a registration and information meeting on December 8, 2015, 7pm at the Aptos Grange.

Click on the link below to see all the details and go to the county web site to get all the forms needed:  http://cesantacruz.ucanr.edu/Youth_Development/Camps_-_Conferences/

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4-H Updates 10/20/15 PDF 11/24/15
4-H Newsletter 10/20/15

Here is the 4-H Newsletter for 10/20/15.

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Newsletter 4-H 8-12-15 PDF 8/13/15
4-H Newsletter 8/5/15

Hello 4-H Families,

Here is the link to the latest 4-H updates.

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4-H Newsletter 7-1-15

Here is the July 1 newsletter.

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4-H Newsletter 6-17-15

Hello 4-H Community,

Here is this weeks 4-H Newsletter with many new articles.


4-H Office


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4-H Newsletter 6-3-15

Hello 4-H Families,


Enjoy this week’s 4-H newsletter.


Julie Katawicz

4-H Interim Program Rep. 

4-H Animal Bio Security Coordinator                                                      

UC Cooperative Extension Santa Cruz County

1430 Freedom Blvd, Suite E

Watsonville, CA 95076


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4-H Newsletter 5-20-15 PDF 6/3/15
5/14/15 4-H Newsletter PDF 5/13/15
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Santa Cruz County 4-H Newsletter 4/20/15

Hello Santa Cruz County 4-H Members,

Attached is the 4-H updates newsletter with important information, dates and deadlines pertaining to our county.

Here is the link to the draft county council minutes from the April meeting: http://cesantacruz.ucanr.edu/files/211791.pdf

Please remember that state presentation day is coming soon.  Here is the link to the web site:  http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/SFD/PD/.

Here is the link to the state 4-H newsletter: http://4h.ucanr.edu/files/211777.pdf

Julie Katawicz

PDF 4/22/15
February 2013

The February 4-H Newsletter is now available.

PDF 1/31/13
December 2012

In this Issue:

Leader Information ……………………………………………………….…………...…….Page   2

Positive Youth Development Opportunities …………………………………..……..Page   4

Funding & Award Opportunities …………………………...…………………………...Page   5

From Our 4-H Members …………………………………………………………....……..Page   6

2012-2013 County 4-H Events Calendar……………………………………………...Page   8


PDF 12/21/12
November 2012

The November 2012 newsletter is now available

PDF 10/31/12
October 2012 PDF 9/27/12
September 2012 PDF 8/31/12
Deadline for Veterinary Science Program Extended

Registration deadline extended to August 20th! Please do not miss out on this great opportunity!


My name is Brenna Johns and I am the project coordinator for the new veterinary science project being offered to 4th-6th grade 4-H members in San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties. Currently we are looking for both participants and adult volunteers to get involved in the project.

This is an exciting educational project for youth both with and without animal science experience that will teach them about animal science through fun and interactive exercises. This is a great opportunity for youth to become involved in new and different activities as well as a wonderful way to add to their 4-H record book and story. If participants attend all project meetings they will receive a certificate as well as a special gift such as a stethoscope.

The project consists of 9 meetings each with a duration of 1-2 hours. There are three meeting schedule options that are available to participants; weekly, every other week, and every three weeks, to accommodate all family calendars. Similarly, participants can rank their meeting location preferences to prevent lots of travel.

Currently we are also very much in need of adult volunteers to help us provide this exciting project to 4-Hers. All volunteers will receive free training for the project at 3 professional development sessions, and

PDF 8/15/12
August 2012 4-H Newsletter

The August 2012 4-H Newsletter is now available.

PDF 8/1/12
Santa Cruz County Fair entries are due by August 4

Hey 4-H ers,

This is a reminder that Santa Cruz County Fair entries are due by August 4.  For the on-line entry guides you can go to http://www.santacruzcountyfair.com/ or pick one up at the fair office.  See you at the fair.

PDF 8/1/12
New Youth Veterinary Science Project Available

New Youth Veterinary Science Project for 4th through 6th graders

Important Project Facts

•It's totally free!  Just come to the meetings ready to have fun and learn!

•The Project runs from September 2012 through February 2013

•If you complete the project you get a cool certificate and if you come to every meeting you get a special prize like a stopwatch or a stethoscope!

•You can choose which project schedule you would like to do!

•This is also a great way to add to your 4-H record book and story!

Please visit out web site for more information:


PDF 7/27/12
Jeannie Witmer Memorial Scholarship



scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Students active (past or present) in California High School Rodeo Association, District 4 or California 4-H Horse program, (see geographic boundaries in Eligibility below), may apply for this scholarship to be used at a college, or professional technical school of choice. 

All applications and supporting materials must be postmarked no later than Friday, August 3, 2012

PDF 7/27/12
State Presentation Day

Hi All,

Attached you will find the list of participants from Santa Cruzo County attending State Presentation Day next week.

We need to provide two judges to assist at the event.  If you are available, please  register at: https://ucce.ucdavis.edu/survey/survey.cfm?surveynumber=7538.

Lunch will be provided for the judges on the day of the event free of charge. If you have any questions, contact: 

Carolyn Abrams

4-H Program Representative
California 4-H Youth Development Program
Youth, Families, and Communities
University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
(530) 752-5644

XLSX 5/18/12
4-H County-Wide Sheep Project

Hi All,

PLease see the attachment regarding a new county-wide sheep project offered by Boulder Creek 4-H.

Please share widely.


DOCX 5/18/12
State 4-H Fashion Revue and Field Day

Hi Everyone,

Please be reminded that the deadline to register for events at the State 4-H Field day taking place May 26, 2012, 8:00am - 6:00pm at the University of California, Davis (Wellman, Hart, and Olson Halls) is quickly approaching.  

All Fashion Revue participants must register by May 12 by linking to: https://ucce.ucdavis.edu/survey/survey.cfm?surveynumber=7870

If you were selected as a County winner and cannot attend, please contact the alternate so they may register.

For more information about all of the events taking place, download the attachment or link to: http://www.ca4h.org/Programs/Events/SFD/


PDF 5/9/12
Santa Cruz County 4-H Summer Camp Applications

Hi All,

Attached you will find the applications for the 2012 Santa Cruz County 4-H Summer Camp.  Please promote this excellent opportunity among your volunteers and members.

The applications will be posted on the 4-H website the week of May 21st.

Please contact Robin Turnquist if you have any questions at: cakes@got.net 

Thanks- Lynn 

PDF 5/11/12
March 2012 PDF 3/2/12
February 2012 PDF 2/10/12
GOAL Career Day

Santa Cruz County 4-H All-Stars Present GOAL Day!

February 4th, 2012

Go Out And Learn is a community partnership to promote career awareness and gain learning experience with careers youth are interested in for their professional lives.

Please view the flyer on the Newsletter website.

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January 2012 PDF 1/5/12
December 2011 PDF 12/14/11
November 2011 PDF 12/14/11
October 2011 PDF 10/7/11
Some Sad News About a 4-H Family

It is with great sorrow that I bring you all this news;

As many of you may have heard about the unfortunate plane crash in Watsonville last Thursday evening, it was confirmed on Friday afternoon that it was the Houghton family of Soquel 4-H.

The Houghton’s (David, DeDe, Luke and Ryan) were an active family in the Soquel 4-H Club and attended 4-H Summer Camp regularly.

The Houghton’s were an active and involved family in the Santa Cruz County Community and the 4-H community. The focus for DeDe and David was always their family, community and living life to the fullest.

David, DeDe and their two boys Ryan and Luke participated in the Soquel 4-H club assisted with projects and attended 4-H summer camp every year. They were people that always greeted you with a smile and a nice greeting no matter what was going on. The boys were happy, fun and smart kids that enjoyed many of our 4-H activities.

Please pass this message on to other members in your club. If you or members of your club would like to attend the memorial services for the family, Services will be THIS Saturday, July 16th, 10am at Twin Lakes church in Aptos (2701 Cabrillo College Drive).  Please wear a clover in their honor and feel free to contact me with any questions, sfontana@ucdavis.edu or 763-8015

With kind regards,


For more information:
Funeral & Family Information: http://johnhoughton.com/important-updates-and-information/

 News Article: http://www.ksbw.com/news/28489629/detail.html

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March 2011

Important Deadlines, Presentation Day Registration, and Camping Planning information

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