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The trained volunteers of the UC Master Gardeners program extend the ability of local Cooperative Extension offices to provide practical scientific horticulture and gardening information to the citizens of California. The UC Monterey Bay Master Gardener program provides public "gardening" education and problem solving through a telephone "hotline" and many community outreach activities.

Contact Us:
UC Master Gardener Monterey Bay Hotline
1430 Freedom Blvd, Suite E
Watsonville, CA 95076

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

If you would like to bring in a sample for the Master Gardener, please fill out this form as completely as possible.
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Gardening Tips Blog
  • Mustard, a common cover crop.
    Two Methods to Winterize Your Garden

    Thanks to our mild winter weather, home gardeners on the central coast can grow vegetables year-round – lading their holiday tables with homegrown kale, carrots, snow peas and broccoli. But just because you can grow vegetables year-round doesn't...

  • Handsome rooster. Photo: © Leora Worthington.
    A Bird in the Hand?

    So it turns out there is a lot more than the desire for fresh eggs to consider when deciding to become a chicken owner. Our very own Master Gardener Candice McLaren will be giving a FREE class on chickens entitled “Chix in the City, Hens in the...

  • climbing rose
    Grasp the thorn!

    "But he who dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose."                                                   ...

  • LaNina Wintertime Pattern. From https://www.pmel.noaa.gov/elnino/what-is-la-nina.
    Gardening during a La Niña

    Happy New Year from the UC Master Gardeners of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties!  Although it's winter we haven't seen much rain so far this year. Let's talk about the culprit, shall we? Are you familiar with La Niña? She's the “little...

  • Citrus fruits
    Care of Potted Citrus

    Fall and winter are the times of year when the average outdoor garden plants take a little breather, but not citrus! If your potted Meyer lemon or Bearss lime trees are like mine, they are flowering and fruiting, even as the rest of my garden rests. Thus...

  • California quail. Image credit: H. Vannoy Davis © California Academy of Sciences.
    For the birds: California native berries that birds love

    People love berries and so do the birds!  Each of these is native to California and attracts California thrashers, western bluebirds, American robins, northern flickers, Nuttall's woodpeckers, mockingbirds, cedar waxwings. scrub jays, northern...

  • Wildfire Prevention and Readiness

    In light of all the terrible news about wildfires this week, I would like to share some websites which can help you make your home and surroundings as safe as possible. What you can do for you UCANR has a Homeowner's Fire Mitigation Guide that includes...

  • Fungus gnat on a sticky trap. Photo by Jack Kelly Clark.
    Pest Profiles: Fungus Gnats

    Fungus gnats have started making an appearance in my home. Not huge numbers, but enough to be noticeable. Fungus gnats are small flies that lay eggs in moist organic material such as potting soil or compost. They look sort of like mosquitoes and are...

  • Western spotted cucumber beetle. Photo by Jack Kelly Clark.
    Pest Profiles: Spotted Cucumber Beetle

    Last weekend I went out to my back porch to water and deadhead my container garden and came across some damage to my cosmos. The petals of most of the flowers had multiple small holes. I looked more carefully and noticed that the tomato plant next to the...