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Record Book Instructions & Score Sheet for Clubs Level

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Record Book Instructions, Score Sheets & Judging Sheets for County Level

We have two different methods to complete your 4-H record book.  Your 4-H record book teaches member to keep record of their 4-H career and accomplishments while earning 4-H star ranks from Bronze to Platinum.  This is a valuable skill to help you with college applications, job resumes and presentations. Join the club and complete your 4-H record book this year!

On-Line Record Book (ORB)

Paper version: 

Primary Members:

4-H Member Record Book Manual .

Record Book Manual for Adult Partners

Current 4-H record Book forms (doc)

Personal Development Report  - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members.


Annual Project Report  - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members.

Leadership Development Report  - For Intermediate and Senior members only.

4-H Resume Template - For Senior Members only.

Primary Members

*BRAND NEW* Primary Member Report forms have been developed. Members who are taking the iSprout Primary Project should use the iSprout compatible form. Members who are not enrolled in an iSprout project should use the basic form. Primary members are not required to complete report forms to receive their annual stripe and pin. 

Primary Member Report Form (iSprout)

Primary Member - Personal Development Report (basic)

Learn to create the perfect 4-H Record Book! Answers common questions and guides you step-by-step through formatting, content, and more!
Step-by-Step Guide

Record Book Support Group

The California 4-H Record Book Support Group provides a place for 4-H volunteers, staff, and members to discuss the 4-H record book, ask questions, and receive feedback from others around the state, the State 4-H Office, and the Incentives and Recognition Advisory Committee. View the CA 4-H Record Book Support Group Archives.

Examples of Completed Record Books

The posted Record Books are a few of the 2015 4-H State Record Book Competition Winners.  Each book was judged against the same standards and each has different strengths that merited a Winner Award. Winner status does not mean perfect--it means that the member presented a book that demonstrated enough strength, when tested against the standard, to reach a predetermined benchmark score.

Example #1 - Ashley

Example #2 - Gabriel

Example #3 - Kyle

Example #4 - Sarah

State Record Book

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For the 2022 State Competition, Record Books are due to the State 4-H Office by November 1, 2022.

The State Record Book competition is focused on selecting senior 4-H members who have demonstrated a well-rounded 4-H experience. Books are judged against standard criteria.  Those books recording the most outstanding 4-H work, goal management skills, and leadership and citizenship development are selected as state medalists and/or state winners.

2022 State Competition Record Books are due to the State 4-H Office by November 1, 2022.  County deadlines are earlier--please check with your County 4-H Office on State Competition submission deadlines. 

The State Record Book Evaluation for the 2021-2022 program year will occur between November 2022 and January 2023.

The Purpose of the State 4-H Record Book Competition:

  • Provides an incentive to members to keep accurate records in their 4-H Record Book.
  • Members receive feedback and encouragement on their 4-H skill development, leadership and citizenship development, and record-keeping skills.
  • Members are recognized for outstanding 4-H work.

Eligibility for State Competition

If the criteria for eligibility are not met, a member's book will be disqualified from the competition.

  • Age Eligibility: Senior 4-H members (at least 14 years of age and no older than 19 years old by December 31 of the program year for which the book is being entered) are eligible to enter state competition.
  • Use of Correct Forms: Members who are planning to submit their Record Book to state competition must download and use the most current forms, found on this website. One way to be sure to do this is to always download the latest version of the Record Book Manual and forms from the state website. 
  • Intent to SubmitThis form is a recent addition to the State 4-H Record Book Judging Process. Members who are planning to submit their Record Book to state competition must complete this form by September 2, 2022, 11:59 pm.

  • State 4-H Cover Page - The State 4-H Judging Cover Page must be included with 4-H Record Books entered for State Evaluation. The Cover Page may not be altered. 

Record Book Competition Cover Sheet

  • County Check Sheet - A county check sheet must be included with 4-H Record Books entered for State Evaluation. 4-H Staff from the County 4-H Cooperative Extension Office, must complete the checklist and ensure the completeness of the 4-H Record Book. 

County Check Sheet

2021-2022 Youth 4-H Record book must be turned into the 4-H office by October 1st at 4 pm.