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Achievements & Recognation Resources

Achievenment & Recognation Resources


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Recognizing Achievement

In 4-H we recognize youth as they develop skills and knowledge. The following is a list of commonly used 4-H awards and pins. This list provides information regarding the program level at which each award may be earned, as well as how to purchase them. Please note, this is a general guide and some counties may differ.

Requirements to meet statuses such as "Member in Good Standing" and "Project Completion" follow the Steps to Success in 4-H model.

The Awards and Incentives Committee reviews, formulates, and evaluates 4-H Youth Development Incentives and Recognition, including:

  • Youth, volunteer, and staff Countywide recognition
  • 4-H County Stars Program including All Stars and Emerald Sub Committee
  • Stars
  • 4-H record book Sub-Committee
  • Pins, medals, and certificates
  • Scholarship Sub-Committee

The committee also takes into account the following priorities:

  • Identify and formulate non-competitive recognition
  • Create and coordinate new opportunities for members, staff, and volunteers
  • Educate and promote incentives and recognition countywide
  • Utilize research on youth development regarding competition
  • Create an open process - receive input from county staff, volunteers, and youth on proposed changes.

Achievement and Recognition Resource:

  • A list of club, county and state Incentives and Recognitions with description from state 4-H office. 
  • We may have additional requirements at club and county level for I&R to earn the award of recognition.  You will need to check under each category and application form for further requirements and rules.   
  • For more information achievement and recognition

Purchasing Pins and Recognition items for your club

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