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Incentives & Recognition

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Incentives & Recognition is a way to recognize the youth in our 4-H program for the hard work they do through projects, public speaking and community services.  

4-H Awards

Diamond Clover Award 2017-2018 Intent Forms DUE December 1 ...

Diamond Clover Award 


Steven Katawicz


 Katelyn Praly


All Star

4-H County Ambassadors


Haleigh Alaga

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Randolph


Meagan Beauchamp

Miranda Sampson


Arielle Sampson


Becky Crill 

 Katelyn Praly


Emerald Star Emblem

Emerald Star Recipients 


Meagan Beauchamp 

Steven Katawicz

Prior to 2017-18:

Arielle Sampson

Mercedes Molley

Katelyn Praly
Cade Gillen
Galina Cantey 

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Golden Clover Award

2015-16: Katelyn Praly and Terry Reeder


2014-15: Mindy Gillen 

4-Her's of the Month

July 2018 - Meagan Beauchamp

June 2018 - Josh Mc Loughlin

June 2017 - Steven Katawicz

May 2017 - Ben Murphy

April 2017 - Arielle Sampston

March 2017- Bell Cantey

The I&R committee is chaired by the current 4-H council Vice President.  We are always looking for parents, 4-H leaders and teen youth to get involved with this committee.  

If you are interested in joining the I&R committee contact Diane Hamilton at quailcreek4hclub@gmail.com