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Online 4-H Project Resources

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We are providing on-line support to 4-H project leaders and 4-Hers with resources to engage learning while at home.  If you have any questions please contact the 4-H office for more details or help in obtaining additional 4-H resources. 

On-line resources for 4-H club leaders, 4-H project leaders and 4-H youth from 4-H state office for technology.  Please visit this site to help meet your needs.  The 4-H county office is always willing to help as well.  Here is the link: http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Learning-Development/Virtual_4-H_Technology_Tools_and_Tips/

Enjoy these on-line 4-H project learning materials from the comfort of your home or 4-H project meeting.

4-H Projects offered from STEM to Animals

     Activies to keep every 4-Hers busy while they are learning from home. 

     5 Ways to keep kids engaged and learn at home

Home Economic & Healthy Living Projects

4-H CPR, Water Safety & COVID-19 Website

Meagan's 4-H All Star County Ambassador Project 

You will discover informational videos and resources to help keep you safe in water, sun, COVID-19.  You will also learn ways to help another person in distress with CPR!  
We encourage you to take a few moments to brush up on some life saving techniques.  

 4-H Crafts Projects 

We do not have a standard manual for this project but you may find the following resources helpful:

   4-H Active Guide

  4-H Inspired project on Pinterest  

  4-H Scrapbooking project 

  4-H Jewelry making with ordinary items

 4-H Cooking Project

      4-H fun with food level 1

      4-H helper cooking guide 

     4-H Recipes we learned as kids

 4-H Sewing Project   

      4-H sewing ideas

     4-H primary (5-8 year old) sewing manual

     4-H Sewing manual

     4-H Fashion Revue Contest & Requirements 

       Fashion Revue Show will be schedule after COVID-19 shelter in place is released.  

 Fiber Art Project 

     Fiber arts project ideas

Gardening Project 

Starting Tomatoes from Seeds instructional video

DIY gardening and landscaping ideas to save money


 4-H Healthy Living Project

    Healthy Living project actives

4-H Cloverbuds (ages 5 to 9 years old) 

 Cloverbud Active Book A thru C
 Cloverbud HORSE Active Book 
 4-H primary (5-8 year old) sewing manual

4-H Livestock Projects 

4-H members check with your 4-H project leader first! Due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order issued by the Governor of California, watching these videos may replace in-person project meetings.”  

Fun ways to learn about livestock with a local 4-H family: 

Show-Rite Livestock Show Classroom | Webinars | VIDEOS 

 4-H Beef Cattle project 
  4-H Beef Heifer AI Demo by a local Veteran
 4-H Goat project 
 4-H Sheep Project 
 4-H Swine Project 
 4-H Equine Horse Project
 4-H Poultry Project 
 4-H Rabbit Project 

4-H STEM Projects

4-H STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) at home active projects
 4-H Film making Project
 4-H Computer Science Project
 4-H Table Top Game (Hobbies) Project
 Discover the art of 4-H Math club
 Robotics and STEM Project ideas
 Ten minute science projects

4-H Outdoor Projects 

 4-H Shooting Sports
 4-H Outdoor Adventures Project

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