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Experiential Learning Training and Design

Background, rationale, and objectives: 2005 ANR Core Issue and Target Opportunity: "Youth Development: Improving Science and Environmental Literacy" is addressed in this research, extension and creative activity project. The aim of the experiential learning project is to enhance and deepen the use and understanding of experiential learning among educators.  

Research Methods/Creative Activity: A series of three experiential learning workshops have been developed, pilot tested and evaluated in a sequence that scaffolds experiential learning concepts.  Each workshop ranges in length from two to three hours and provides participants with practical, real-world experiences to enhance their understanding, application and evaluation of experiential learning. 

Workshop I Designing Experiential Learning Modules:  Focuses on learners' understanding and application of Experiential Learning and the Learning Cycle.

Workshop II: Inquiry-Based Learning and the Experiential Learning Cycle introduces inquiry-based learning, making a distinction between hands-on experiential learning and hands-on experiential learning using inquiry.

Workshop III: Developing and Adapting Curricula to Integrate Experiential Learning, engages participants in evaluating existing curricula to determine if they utilize experiential learning and/or inquiry methods.

Extension Methods: Workshops have been pilot tested and delivered through out California and the County, with presentations made at the California Science Teachers Association Conference, the North American Association for Environmental Education national conference and the regional National Association of Interpretation Conference. In addition, this research has been published in the Journal of Extension and is being used by the 4-H Youth Development Specialist from the University of Missouri, on loan to the Army through the 4-H/Army Youth Development Project stationed in Korea.

Collaborators: H. Steve Dasher, 4-HYDA - San Diego Co. (co-PI), Richard Enfield, 4-HYDA - San Luis Obispo Co., Michael Marzolla, 4-HYDA - Santa Barbara Co., Martin Smith, CE Specialist - UCD, Richard Ponzio, CE Specialist - UCD.

Grant Support: University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Science, Technology and Environmental Stewardship Workgroup funds.

For further information and to download the training modules, visit: http://www.experientiallearning.ucdavis.edu/default.shtml

To learn more about our research visit: http://www.joe.org/joe/2007february/a2.shtml