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Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM)

New Publication from UC IPM

Field Identification Guide for Light Brown Apple Moth in Nurseries.  

This document is geared to assist field inspectors and nursery scouts that need to identify suspect LBAM larvae in the field.   There are printed guides available for distribution, a pdf document available for download and a 13 minute video training on the UC IPM website. This project was supported in part by a CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant.

Authors: Steven A. Tjosvold, Neal B. Murray, University of California Cooperative Extension; Marc Epstein, Obediah Sage, California Department of Food and Agriculture; Todd Gilligan, Colorado State University

Field Identification Guide - PDF

Scouting and Field Identification Video 


Current Light Brown Apple Moth Trap Data
in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties 

Bait Traps for LBAM Poster

LBAM Presentation December 6, 2011 Tjosvold

The following link is a list of products and materials we use in our research to trap LBAM.  Cost may vary depending on the store or vendor.  Result may vary.

Trap Material Build List

The Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) is an important invasive pest for California, and has become established throughout much of California’s central coast.  It is a regulated pest in ornamental and fruit crops important to the central coast economy.  The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) in Santa Cruz County conducts research in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties to aid in LBAM detection and management.  UCCE has been trapping LBAM in and around wholesale nurseries, apples, and berries since 2009.

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