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Plant Pathology

Steven T. Koike conducts applied, problem-solving research on diseases of vegetable, fruit, and ornamental crops that are grown in California's central coast region. He operates the U. C. Cooperative Extension Diagnostic Laboratory that identifies plant problems for growers and the general public. He provides information and advice on the occurrence and control of plant diseases. On-going projects include the following: Biology and control of lettuce diseases such as downy mildew, anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot, lettuce drop, Romaine crown rot, and others. Integrated disease management of the diseases of spinach. Identification of new bacterial diseases of crucifer crops. Identifying and conducting research on the various diseases of strawberry. Testing of new fungicides and alternative spray materials for controlling various plant diseases. Studying the dynamics and control of diseases in organic farming systems. Exploring alternative disease control methods such as biological control products, cover crops, and crop rotations. Contributing to the research effort on Sudden Oak Death (SOD).

Plant Pathology Staff