Valuing Ecosystem Services on Oak Woodlands

Dec 11, 2012

As part of the celebration of the Beijing Forestry Univesity’s 60th year anniversary, we presented a paper, entitled, “Valuing Forestland Environmental Services: A Case Study for California’s Oak Woodlands” at their symposium on Forest Economics. The abstract of the paper is shown below.


California’s oak woodlands cover 10 percent of the state, and provide important environmental services. This paper presents analytical approaches for assessing the market value of these services, providing a framework for other Pacific Rim forest areas. Positive programming is used to assess a forest landowner’s amenity values. Contingent valuation is used to assess the value of different stand structures. Hedonic regression is used to decompose land and housing prices of an urban area near a dedicated oak woodland open space to assess the value of the open space on an overall community. The policy issues and conservation strategies associated with these environmental service values are discussed.


The full paper can be downloaded at this link. This would be of value to policy makers and land managers with an interest in oak woodland conservation. 



Standiford, R.B. and L. Huntsinger. 2012. Valuing Forestland Environmental Services: A Case Study for California’s Oak Woodlands. Proceedings of the International Symposium of Forest Economics 2012 (ISFE2012), Beijing, China, October 13-14, 2012. Pp. 273-281.

By Richard B Standiford
Author - Cooperative Extension Forest Management Specialist, Emeritus
By Lynn Huntsinger
Author - Professor and Associate Dean of Instruction & Student Affairs

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