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County Council

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The Santa Cruz County Leaders Council is comprised of the club leaders, projects leaders and youth of the Santa Cruz County 4-H Youth Development Program.

The Leader's Council meets on the 3rd Thursday of the following months at 6:45 pm at the Aptos Grange, 2555 Mar Vista Dr. Aptos (off Soquel Drive); January, March, May, August, October.

2019-2020 County Council Officers

President: Diane Hamilton, quailcreek4hclub@gmail.com
Vice President: Rebecca Alega, Corralitos 4-H 4hincorralitos@gmail.com and Meagan Roach, Redwood Valley 4-H redwoodvalley4h@gmail.com.
Secretary: Kyle Middleton, Corralitos 4-H, 4hincorralitos@gmail.com

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I&R Committee County Vice President
Chairman : Rebecca Alga, 4hincorralitos@gmail.com and Meagan Roach, redwoodvalley4h@gmail.com

Scholarships Committee Quail Creek 4-H 
Chairman: Diane Cardoza, quailcreek4hclub@gmail.com 
Committee members: 

Clover Deli Committee Corralitos 4-H 
Chairman: Robin Turnquist—robin@robinscakes.com 831-234-6666
Committee Members: 

Spring Fair Committee Ag History 4-H 
Chairman: Kaleena, 4haghistory@gmail.com
Committee members:

Snow Camp Committee Quail Creek 4-H 
Chairman: quailcreek4hclub@gmail.com

Committee Members:

Awards Ceremony Committee Soquel 4-H  
Chairmen: Julie Stacey, soquel4h@gmail.com
Committee members:

Leadership Committee - Corralitos 4-H 
County Chairman: Kyle Middleton, 4hincorralitos@gmail.com
Committee Members: 

Rules and Procedures Committee County President
Chairman: Diane Hamilton, quailcreek4hclub@gmail.com
Committee members: 

Summer Camp Committee Corralitos 4-H 
Chairman: Kyle Middleton, 4hsummercamp@gmail.com
Committee members: 

Sponsoring Committee 
Chairman: Julie Katawicz, jkatawicz@ucanr.edu, 831-205-3180
Committee members:

Record Book Committee Corralitos 4-H 
Chairman: Kat Ray, 4hincorralitos@gmail.com
Committee members:

Presentation Day Committee Corralitos 4-H 
Chairman: Rebecca Alaga & Kat Ray, 4hincorralitos@gmail.com
Committee members: