Have a Good Day!

Aug 25, 2022

I walk to and from work every day, and while the walk is short, there is frequently a lot to see and think about.  A big apartment construction going on, the people living and not in the cemetery and the comings and goings around the markets on either side of Freedom Blvd.

Too, since classes started there are all the kids all walking to school.  I don't know who's been doing it, but someone has been chalking inspirational messages for everyone on the sidewalk - things like "Be Kind", "Smile More", "Show Gratitude" and lots more, it goes for like a quarter mile.  Including the cheery message I attached below.

I don't think we can ever forget what we've all been through these past few years, and it must have been incredibly hard on these kids, who had so much of their lives disrupted.  To nevertheless see these messages, unwilling to concede defeat and rather raise us all up, is inspiring.

By Mark Bolda
Author - Farm Advisor, Strawberries & Caneberries

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