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LCORT 2012–Another Great Adventure

LCORT 2012–Another Great Adventure

Reported by Linzy Suruki, Corralitos 4-H


 LCORT stands for Leadership Conference of Regional Teens.  LCORT is a three day conference for kids to learn leadership skills.  LCORT was held at Wonder Valley Ranch near Fresno and was held on January 27-29, 2012.

Kids attend numerous workshops such as goal-setting, organization, teamwork and public speaking.  Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were there from the Central California region.  At LCORT, kids that attend have a chance to meet new people, learn skills, and participate in a new experience with other kids.

From Corralitos 4-H, Lyann, Emily, Megan, Marjorie, and Julia were there.   Some kids from our club and other clubs in our county were teaching a class on goal setting that was very popular.

One chaperone that I spoke with said, “The kids seemed to have a great time learning new skills with new kids from across the state.  With eight kids per room the weekend was like a big slumber party!  And the Saturday night dance was a huge hit!"

After hearing the details from the 2012 LCORT conference I learned that it sounds like a lot of fun and kids can try things that they might not have done before.  Since I am in sixth grade now, I might go to LCORT next year!!