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Camp Loma 2012

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  Santa Cruz County 4-H held its summer camp On July 27-30. Campers came from all over Santa Cruz County, and a few joined us from San Benito County. It was successful camp year!

Campers enjoyed classes songs, 3 meals a day and fun activities. On Saturday and Sunday they had lots of classes such as; archery, tye-dye, and cookie decorating. One of the favorite classes was soccer.

In the afternoons, we enjoyed board games and a show by a funny, magician on Saturday and snacking at the snack shack and group games on Sunday.  

 There was also swimming, and everyone got in  a water-gun fight with our archery instructorr Matt Fuller.

Every evening we had campfire which included songs, games, the Gossip Box and a visit from Skulker! On Monday, everyone helped clean up and went home.

Camp will be held again next year.

We hope you will join us!

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